About 500 gathered to celebrate as we graduated 338 of our older participants on the 9th of June, 2017. What a day of celebration and joy! Shosho Margaret opened with the devotional. Then lots of music and dancing. Testimonies from our role model ladies. Certificates given to our tailors and hairdressers. A hilarious but poignant drama that continued the story of Edna (Edward) the Caris participant who now leads her own groups. Jane Gitahi, Kenya Program Director, and I commissioned them to be change agents in their communities. The theme was – "SHINE! You have changed through the teaching and training you have received in Caris and you are shining. So now shine on others the knowledge and training you have received." To symbolize this we gave them each a set of plates, cups and serving tray and encouraged them to invite friends and neighbors for tea and share with them the better way of living they are now practicing. They were commissioned with a sash over their shoulders that read "Graduation 2017 - Caris Foundation - Grace to All". So a continuous line of all 338 women came singing and dancing to receive their graduation gift and sash. Then we had a graduation cake cutting ceremony and sharing of small pieces with everybody. A closing prayer by Daniel Chengo warmed all our hearts. And finally we had a delicious meal together with plenty of food for all.

Grace to all, Jim Reppart, Kenya Director