2,000 women gathered to celebrate the end of another year of empowerment. They came by the bus loads from their villages and homes. They came singing with excitement of seeing new colleagues bonded together in their quest for sustainable income, food security, healthy living, and peaceful hearts.

They meet together in small groups every week, encouraging one another, giving to their savings and loan program, and discussing solutions to their own issues. But now 2,000 of them came together to share with glee the success and discoveries of a new way of living. Above the harmony of constant chatter was music offering a festive atmosphere for women who normally have little or no occasion to celebrate. So the program was punctuated with dance and song – hands in the air and ululation of joy. A day of celebration and eating together.

It’s time to celebrate! It’s time to share life! It’s time to be community! Community Empowerment!

Grace to all, Jim Reppart, Kenya Director