There can be no real empowerment without character change and adjustments to one’s world view. If one approaches life through the lens of a fatalist then she is convinced that nothing can change so why try. It’s difficult to teach fiscal responsibility towards the future when fatalism is the prevailing attitude. Recently one of our field workers noticed one of our single moms singing and smiling and she asked why she was so happy “Because I have hope” was her answer. Three years ago these single mothers had no hope. They could not see any positive future. They had given up. This is an update of one of our single mothers in the Caris Empowerment Program in Kenya. 

The Story of Linet

Linet Kenga is a single mother of five and a member of the Maisha Mapya TTG in the village of Muyeye village. When she separated from her husband she was engaged as a cook in a private school. From her meagre savings she started an open air food business with a small capital of Ksh.250 ($2.50). This was a time she had been terminated from her job after she asked for a pay-raise.

Her clientele grew steadily and soon she could not cope without a boost on her capital. She joined Maisha Mapya TTG just at the time when she needed more funds to boost her business and after two months she was one of the first loanees of Ksh.1,000 ($10.00) in August 2013.

From that time she has taken seven loans, the most recent being Ksh.7,000 ($70.00) and her business is quite steady now. She has constructed a temporary shed which she uses as a cafe. Her capital base has grown from Ksh.250 ($2.50) to Ksh.10,000 ($100.00).