PCR testing and follow-up of positive children

Caris Haiti’s objective is to test infants born to HIV positive mothers when they reach four weeks of age. The earlier they are tested, the higher the chance of survival if the result is positive. We support the commencement of life-saving Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) as soon as possible for positive infants. Since 2008 the Caris program has tested over 12,000 infants.

Tracking and Follow-up of pregnant HIV positive women

The Caris teams track all HIV positive women by obtaining monthly/bi-monthly lists of positive pregnant women enrolled at clinical sites. We ensure that they are placed on anti retroviral medication for life and that they attend hospital appointments on a monthly basis. Through home visits made by Caris health agents, we provide counseling to emphasize the importance of: adherence, giving birth at a hospital, prophylaxis medication for their newborn baby before three days of age and exclusive breastfeeding. 

Watch one of the Caris Health Agents tell her story.

Follow-up of all HIV positive children 0-18

Caris Haiti tracks and assists the clinical follow-up of all HIV positive children from birth until 18 years of age. This includes ensuring that they attend their medical appointments regularly, adhere to treatment, receive the appropriate lab tests and maintain an appropriate weight. Caris monitors almost 4,000 HIV positive children monthly.