Caris Foundation responds quickly and efficiently to different forms of disasters across the world. We provide food, water, and assistance for thousands of desperate people worldwide. Many people are now living happy and healthy lives despite disaster because of a quick response in their time of need.

We were able to immediately respond to the following disasters:

  • Haiti - Earthquake 2010: Staffed a team of doctors and nurses to operate a mobile hospital attending to medical needs.  
  • Haiti - Hurricane Matthew hit Southern Haiti in October 2016, affecting over two million people. Caris instituted a partnership field hospital that treated over 7,000 people in three weeks. Caris staff rebuilt homes and were involved in restoring agricultural activities destroyed in the storm.
  • Philippines - Typhoon Haiyan 2013: Delivered food, water and supplies to those affected by the devastation.
  • Kenya - Drought 2009 and Flood 2013: Provided relief by delivering food and assistance to several thousand people.