SUSTAIN: We promote economic sustainability by:

  • Equipping them in small business skills
  • Facilitating small group savings and loans
  • Providing trades training
  • Promoting food security by training them to cultivate land which is accessible to them and raising livestock.
  • Encouraging income generating projects
  • Promoting health care practices

Kids Club

community leadership

I am an orphan and was widowed at a very early age of 24 yrs. left with twins. I almost lost my own lifein the hands of a traditional birth attendant during child bearing of the second set of twins where I survived with one of the babies.

I have received micro-finance training which has enabled me to mobilize my community and formed 7 groups with a total membership of 127 members. I am now a respected leader in my community, givinghope to many. I currently earn $105 per month.


Mothers Club

learned independence

Saumu was an orphan with one child, unemployed, with no skills and struggling with life, solelydepending on her grandmother who is a traditional medicine woman.

At the time of her son’s birth, she had only one piece of tattered cloth which she used as a diaper and had to refold the same to get drier sections for wrapping the baby before it became too wet for continued use.

Currently Saumu is earning her living through the skills received, able to educate her son.

Health Worker

self reliance accomplished

Dama Thoya is now a self-reliant single mom who facilitates transformation in her community. She was illiterate, had no business skills, had medical complications and was under threats of losing her piece of land which she paid for partly and was unable to raise the balance to complete the payment.

Caris has empowered her with literacy skills and she is able to interpret her group reports. She started and leads three other groups on her own with coaching from the Caris Staff.