We empower our participants through:

  • Self-sustainable economic welfare utilizing money management training and income generating projects.
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual wellness by training in health, hygiene, nutrition, offering counseling and mentoring spiritual formation.   
  • Stewardship skills equipping them to manage their own resources including money, land, time and talent. 
  • Service to their communities by training them to become change agents who lead and facilitate solutions to community concerns and problems.  

Sidi Kitsao


Sidi is an orphan and was widowed at a very early age of 24 years – left with twins. She almost lost her life in the hands of a traditional birth attendant during child bearing of the second set of twins. She survived with one of the babies.

Through micro finance training she was empowered to mobilize her community and formed 14 groups with a total membership of about 145 members. She is now a respected leader in her community, giving hope to many and currently earns $105 per month.