Our desire is to demonstrate grace to those who have the greatest need so that: “The hungry are fed, the thirsty drink, the homeless are sheltered, the naked are clothed, the sick are healed, the oppressed are released.” – Jesus

The epitome of our mission is found in the heart of our emissaries such as Dr. John Bailey. John is a retired dentist who organizes medical mission trips around the world. Upon return to a dental clinic in a hospital in China, his reception was more like a homecoming. People spilled out into the halls to enjoy the reunion. As his guide and translator observed all this she asked, “You love Chinese people, don’t you?” John responded, “Yes, I find the Chinese people easy to get to know.” She tapped her chest and said, “But you really love them with your heart! Do all Americans love the Chinese people?” John smiled at her and replied in his gentle voice, “I don’t love the Chinese people because I’m American. I love them because I am a follower of Jesus.”