Our Mission is to demonstrate GRACE to impoverished peoples

  • EMPOWER participants to fulfill their God-given potential 
  • SUSTAIN that potential by training and equipping 
  • TRANSFORM character and community from one of despair and survival to hope and productivity 

Watch the Caris Kenya story.


Caris Kenya targets young single mothers who are marginalized and live in poverty in the Malindi, Kenya area. We began with 60 desperate single mothers in 2008 due to a teenage pandemic along the coast of Kenya. Our youngest participant became pregnant when she was eleven and our oldest had seven children by age 24. We now have 2,309 participants in Caris Kenya programs, with 1,945 in the women's empowerment program. We also have 120 young adult orphans in the trades learning program and 119 youth being trained how to make better life choices and 125 men in the the Caris Men's program.