Caris Foundation™ is a Texas Non-Profit Private Foundation established in Irving, Texas, in 2002 to aid and empower impoverished people. In doing so, the foundation seeks to establish a local presence within communities in order to understand the people’s basic needs and implement solutions that are culturally relevant and sustainable.

Caris is the Greek word for grace. 

Caris – χαρις (khar'-ece):  a: a favor done without expectation in return;  b: the absolutely free expression of the loving kindness of God to men finding its only motive in the bounty and benevolence of the Giver;  c: unearned and unmerited favor.

The Foundation is solely funded by Kathryn and David D. Halbert, Kristen and Jeff Barstad, Shannon and Patrick Halbert, and Caroline and Michael Halbert.

  • Our mission is to help people in need and alleviate as much human suffering as possible.
  • Our goal is to implement solutions to suffering and poverty that are culturally relevant and sustainable.
  • Our efforts are focused on the least fortunate where our resources can provide the greatest benefit to the most people.
  • Our desire is to demonstrate grace to those who have the greatest need. 

“The hungry are fed, the thirsty drink, the homeless are sheltered, the naked are clothed, the sick are healed, the oppressed are released.” – Jesus