FAITH, HOPE, LOVE are the spiritual pillars of Caris Foundation Kenya. We believe that to empower people out of poverty it takes Faith, Hope and Love.

Faith to believe in the possibility of a better life beyond poverty. If a person is to get out of poverty and remain out of poverty they have to have FAITH that it can actually happen. They must BELIEVE that God has given them the potential to improve their lives. And they must BELIEVE in themselves to act upon that truth to see it happen.

HOPE is putting that Faith into action. Hope is planting a cash crop and planning on paying for your child’s eduction with the profit. And that is exactly what some of our women did. They planted in FAITH and planned with HOPE and harvested a profit.

LOVE is the nurturing environment in which people can grow making their potential a real success. LOVE gives a person value and acceptance without which initiative and desire to improve wither like grass in the hot sun.

Without FAITH, HOPE and LOVE poverty remains.

As you read through this newsletter you will hear the stories of our ladies who have been empowered out of poverty by this approach. These are stories where Faith, Hope and Love conquered poverty. Women who could not read and write can now read and write. Women who never thought they would be successful business women are now successful. Women who never thought they would live in a better house are now able to invest and build their homes.

Poverty is conquered with Faith that life can change, and Hope to carry on till success is sustainable with caring Love. And that is what we do at Caris Kenya. We empower people with Faith, Hope and Love to give people roads out of poverty. And may they never return to poverty again!

Jimmy Reppart, International Facilitator

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