As of the year ending 2016:

  • We have almost 2,000 in the women's empowerment program. 
  • 145 groups that meet weekly where they pray for each other, encourage one another, contribute to the savings and loan program and monitor the loans, and make plans concerning community needs.
  • Current savings among the savings and loan groups is $12,388.00.
  • Total loans given out to date is $104,550.00.
  • Total loans paid back is $74,833.00.
  • Total capital is $36,282.00.
  • 12 literacy classes meeting weekly with 92 students empowering our women to read and write and do basic math and record keeping.
  • 12 Agriculture clubs empowering 385 men and women in sustainable farming for food security, livestock production and cash crop farming.
  • About 300 small business formed by our participants.   

The $1000 Cow   

  Neema and Rehema have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Neema and Rehema have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Neema Karisa illustrates the effect of the empowerment program. She took a loan from her microfinance group to purchase calves and goats and raised them for market. Her goal was to start a dairy business so she took another loan and along with her profits purchased a registered Holstein cow worth $1000. Since then the cow has given birth and produces 11.5 liters of milk per day from which Neema is earning more income. Her name, Neema, means grace. She named the cow Rehema, meaning mercy. 

Grace has been demonstrated.